Here’s a little something from my friends at inSide919 that fellow professional women might be interested in:

Women network differently from men. Find out what works and what doesn't when it comes to networking on places like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Inside919, etc.

For the first-time ever, there will be an All Women's Social Media Summit in NC. Join fellow Inside919ers Olalah Njenga, Heather O, Deidre Hughey -- along with Heidi Richards from Florida and Wendy Y Bailey from Atlanta -- who will lead a lively discussion on How to Get the Most out of Social Media. You'll also learn about marketing and branding yourself and your business. Find out what some of the no-no's are when it comes to online networking.

Our very special guest will be NBC17 Executive Producer Kim Greene, who will tell us how they use social media to find US for interviews. Yes--they do read blogs, folks!

Seating is limited. You also have a chance to win a pair of tickets in our Social Media Summit Ticket Giveaway. Go to the website for details.

October 17, 2009 (all day event)
Raleigh Marriott
Fayetteville Street Mall

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