[This biz has since become CORE Content Marketing, but they still offer wonderful social media content management. Email Mary for details.]

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With the introduction of Timeline to Facebook's personal profiles, it will be interesting to see what the coming months bring for business pages. What form(s) of social media do you use to reach your target audience? What do/don't tips do you recommend, and are you tracking your results?
“A good writer is someone who can translate a cool idea into something you can communicate to others. This is interesting to me, now I’m going to make it interesting to you.” -Damon Lindelof
Happy 2012 everyone! Can you believe it’s January already? I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon as deadlines and bigger projects shifted my focus – and truth be told, time just got away from me. But it’s my New Year’s resolution to post regularly, sharing useful information about writing and writing-related industries. Here’s the link to Katie’s story that I promised.

Since my last visit, I spent time with my family while the boys were out of school, hubby started a new job, and I took on some new commercial clients (click the “Corporate” tab on this page for more). I am also happy to report that my professional website has been revamped to better serve the editors and clients I work with. Please take a look and let me know what you think!

I’ve established a stronger social media presence and have incorporated Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn into my every day schedule. I’ve generated client web content, done some guest blogging, and am open to suggestions of things you’d like to see here as well as the occasional guest post from some of you! I’ll also be telling you more about the Triangle Area Freelancers’ 5th annual nonfiction writers’ conference coming up on April 21. We’ve been busy putting together a great panel of presenters – details are coming soon and registration opens Feb. 1.