As someone who lives on the computer, I surprisingly never realized how strict the definition of “Spam” really is. You may not either.

The following detailed information from inSide919, a local business and social network, is highly applicable to all business relationships and good enough to share:

Sending Spam or Bulk email using the Internal Email System... Hurts Your Reputation

One of the things we would like inSiders to know is that this is NOT the place for Bulk email or Spam.The main reason for this is that YOU will end up hurting YOUR Reputation and Brand Message.

So... Do not use the Internal Email system to send Bulk email, promotions, deals, notices, thoughts for the day or solicitations of any kind. Basically... ANY email that is not Personalized may well be considered Spam by the receiving party. When a person accepts your 'Friend Request' they are not agreeing to 'RECEIVE' anything from you - they are simply agreeing to be open to forming a business relationship with you.

Here are a few examples that may help:

1. If you send me a one-time individual solicitation for a product, service or business (meaning that it includes a personal message to me, not a cut-and-pasted canned message), I don't consider that spam. If I don't respond and you solicit me more than twice, it's spam.

2. If you send me a solicitation, promotion, or notice in a bulk e-mail that's simultaneously going to a number of other people, that's spam.

3. If you post solicitations on my comment wall, that's spam (unless that solicitation is a RELEVANT response to something I "inquired about" somewhere on the Network or "requested" in my Profile).

4. If you send me a one-time invitation to an event that's designed to benefit me (whether I buy anything from you or not) that's NOT spam. If your "free event" is a thinly disguised sales pitch or "business opportunity meeting," that's spam.

Most messages sent to more than 5 people at the same time will most likely fall into the questionable area. When in doubt ... don't send it out!

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  1. Uh-oh..I'm guilty of the email to multiple people! Is this post for a specific group of people or a general post?