Hannah, a friend I met at Kate Gosselin's appearance at the Southern Women's Show, showed up on one of the two new episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 tonight! As cameras panned through crowds at various Gosselin appearances, I recognized Raleigh -- then Hannah -- and, alas, then me. I knew Hannah would eventually appear because she was interviewed by TLC, but I had no idea I was caught on camera as well. LOL.

As J&K are now basically doing solo spots, I'm hoping TLC will use more snip-its in the coming weeks and we'll get to see some of Hannah's interview. :)
2 Responses
  1. How cool! I saw the show last night! Maybe it will be on again next week before the new one and I will look for you!!!!! Your a STAR!

  2. Thanks Deanna! And also watch for my piece (article & photo) on Kate in the summer issue of Triangle Style.