It’s that time of year again! When you splurge on delicacies you either would otherwise dare not consume – or those that simply cannot be found anywhere else. The NC State Fair (October 11-21) prides itself on the diversity of food choices offered, and they are always looking for new options for hungry fairgoers. It’s the attendees, though, who decide what becomes a local favorite. Everyone has a food they just have to savor before fair season is over, and fairgoers are always excited about what the new trend in food might be.

From the foot long corndogs, to roasted corn on the cob dredged in hot butter, giant turkey legs, fried cheese curds, alligator bites, funnel cakes with chocolate and powdered sugar, boiled peanuts, Wisconsin cheese sticks, Krispy Kreme burgers, and maple flavored cotton candy – many will pardon the calories and look forward to this “good eatin’” event every year.