Okay, so I'm selling some items on eBay, and this interesting ad shows up on my dashboard: "Alicia Keys is Hiring." Yeah right, sure she is. I think I'll just pack my family up and move to LA to be a personal assistant for her and her new baby daddy. But wait, it seems that Miss Keys is actually looking for a blogger ... and she's posted her needs on Monster ... who knew?

Of course when you click through, you get the "This job is no longer available" schtick. Wonder if it ever was? (Monster then wants me to look at other job openings. I need to know how they automatically know what area I live in, but can't provide me with a list of jobs that are actually in my field? But I digress...)

Would you blog for a celebrity? I'm guessing people like Britney Spears and Kate Gosselin don't really do their own blogging or website posts (read them sometime and you'll see what I mean). So they must have somebody to do it for them. Why not you or me?
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